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Machine Learning Crash Course has come back live!



After 2 years online due to the Covid pandemic, MLCC has come back live!

More than 120 people from all over Europe have gathered at Dibris to attend MaLGa’s Machine Learning Crash Course 2022. MLCC started in 2014 and has seen an increasing national and international attendance over the years; the course provides an introduction to the fundamental methods at the core of modern Machine Learning, covering both theoretical foundations as well as essential algorithms, with the help of practical lab sessions. 

This year Profs. Giovanni S. Alberti and Simone Di Marino joined Lorenzo Rosasco as instructors. They covered the basics of supervised and unsupervised learning, including local methods, model selection, statistical learning theory, linear and nonlinear models based on kernels and neural networks, sparsity and PCA.

Not only dear old frontal lessons though: the afternoons were dedicated to very practical lab sessions, in which the students were led and supported by a team of MaLGa’s researchers. Icing on the cake, the workshop: on Wednesday 29th Silvia Villa introduced us to “Implicit Regularization” and Agnese Seminara gave us “A tour of reinforcement learning”, both particularly appreciated by the students! Add a nice lunch all together to give everybody a chance for some networking, and you get a really productive, formative, stimulating formative week of machine learning and fun!