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Back with Computer Vision and Deep Learning!



Our Computer Vision and Deep Learning PhD courses have come back live, and it was a success! More than 120 people from all over Europe have gathered at Dibris to attend MaLGa’s DL and CV courses: this year the two courses have been held in synergy, with totally integrated contents.

“Deep Learning: a Hands-on Introduction” has started from the foundations of Deep Learning, discussing the various types of deep architectures and tools currently available. “Computer Vision Crash Course” has covered the basic principles of computer vision and visual perception in artificial agents. Attending both courses has proved to provide students with a full and clear introduction to the interactions between both fields. The theoretical classes have been coupled with hands-on lab activities, giving students the possibility of practicing with examples from real-world applications, with particular focus on visual data.

On top of teaching Deep Learning and Computer Vision notions, it was our priority to provide students with a chance to do some networking and to improve skills which will be precious in their lives as scientists, in and outside of academia. That is why we held a very successful poster session, where participants could present their research work or areas of interest to an impressively crowded room (perhaps the aperitivo helped!). For the same reasons, the course has ended with a fruitful and vibrant competition: participants have presented group projects developed during the course, facing both the challenge of shaping a sound project, but also to communicate it effectively to the class.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the school and, if you didn’t get a chance to attend…Stay tuned to not miss it next year!