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Applications are open for our Summer Schools DLCV and ModML!



Applications are open for MaLGa’s “Deep Learning and Computer Vision” and “Topics in Modern Machine Learning” Summer Schools!


Deep Learning and Computer Vision (DLCV), composed of two crash courses in synergy,  provides a theoretical and hands-on introduction to basic principles of deep architectures, computer vision algorithms and visual perception in artificial agents. A guided tour on recent deep learning approaches for computer vision tasks will also be provided. Besides the analysis of well-established approaches, the course will highlight current trends and open problems.

Topics in Modern Machine Learning (ModML), an evolution of our previous summer course RegML, is a Summer School on the latest developments in Machine Learning, including implicit regularization, sketching, reinforcement learning, machine learning for inverse problems, optimal transport, fairness. The course objective is to have experts presenting advanced topics in an introductory and insightful manner, allowing students to further dig in as they see fit.

Both schools will include lectures and hands-on lab activities, and are open to students, postdocs and facultyfrom any university, and professionals, upon selection. We won’t miss the chance to offer fun and educational activities during our schools: a seminar, a workshop, a poster session, an aperitivo to get to know each other better…Read all the details at the link below!