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Most recent publications

Title Year Author Venue
Introducing Temporal Correlation in Rainfall and Wind Prediction From Underwater Noise 2023 A Trucco A Barla R Bozzano S Pensieri A Verri David Solarna IEEE JOURNAL OF OCEANIC ENGINEERING
Kinematic primitives in action similarity judgments: A human-centered computational model 2023 V Nair P Hemeren A Vignolo N Noceti E Nicora A Sciutti F Rea E Billing M Bhatt F Odone G Sandini IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems
Physics informed machine learning for wind speed prediction 2023 D Lagomarsino-Oneto G Meanti N Pagliana A Verri A Mazzino L Rosasco A Seminara Energy, Volume 268, 2023, 126628
Iterative regularization in classification via hinge loss diagonal descent 2023 V Apidopoulos T Poggio L Rosasco S Villa ArXiv Preprint
The World of Graph Neural Networks: From the Mystery of Generalization to Foundational Limitations 2022 V Apidopoulos T Poggio L Rosasco S Villa ArXiv Preprint
Scalable Causal Discovery with Score Matching 2022 F Montagna N Noceti L Rosasco K Zhang F Locatello NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Score-Based Methods
Implicit regularization with strongly convex bias: stability and acceleration 2022 S Villa S Matet BC Vũ L Rosasco Analysis and Applications, 1-27, 2022
Learning new physics efficiently with nonparametric methods 2022 M Letizia G Losapio M Rando G Grosso A Wulzer M Pierini M Zanetti L Rosasco The European Physical Journal C 82 (10), 879
Semantic Learning in a Federated Learning Sytem 2022 V Pastore Y Zhou N Baracaldo Angel A Anwar S Bianco US Patent App. 17/818,132, 2022
Real time Vehicle Color Recognition on a budget: an investigation on the usage of CNN architectures 2022 S Campisi L Colombini A Lovato F Odone N Noceti 2022 18th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance (AVSS), 2022, pp. 1-8