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Most recent publications

Title Year Author Venue
Fast approximation of orthogonal matrices and application to PCA 2022 C Rusu L Rosasco Signal Processing
Fast iterative regularization by reusing data 2022 C Vega C Molinari L Rosasco S Villa ArXiv Preprint
AI-based component management system for structured content creation, annotation, and publication. 2022 A Barla Annalisa M Cuneo SR Nunzi G Paniati A Vian 5th International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration (IHSI 2022): Integrating People and Intelligent Systems
Physics Informed Shallow Machine Learning for Wind Speed Prediction 2022 D Lagomarsino-Oneto G Meanti N Pagliana A Verri A Mazzino L Rosasco A Seminara ArXiv Preprint
Optimal Transport losses and Sinkhorn algorithm with general convex regularization\n 2022 S Di Marino A Gerolin ArXiv Preprint
Semantic learning in a federated learning system 2022 VP Pastore Y Zhou NB Angel A Anwar S BIANCO US Patent App. 17/022,140
Synthesis and Execution of Communicative Robotic Movements with Generative Adversarial Networks 2022 L Lastrico L Garello A Sciutti N Noceti F Mastrogiovanni F Rea ArXiv Preprint
Phenotype to genotype mapping using supervised and unsupervised learning 2022 VP Pastore A Oke S Capponi D Elnatan J Fung S Bianco bioRxiv
Grand-Canonical Optimal Transport 2022 S Di Marino M Lewin L Nenna ArXiv Preprint
Markerless vs. Marker-Based Gait Analysis: A Proof of Concept Study 2022 M Moro G Marchesi F Hesse F Odone M Casadio ArXiv Preprint