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Most recent publications

Title Year Author Venue
Introducing Temporal Correlation in Rainfall and Wind Prediction From Underwater Noise 2023 A Trucco A Barla R Bozzano S Pensieri A Verri David Solarna IEEE JOURNAL OF OCEANIC ENGINEERING
Automatic Video Analysis and Classification of Sleep‐related Hypermotor seizures and Disorders of Arousal 2023 M Moro V P Pastore G Marchesi P Proserpio L Tassi A Castelnovo M Manconi G Nobile R Cordani S A. Gibbs F Odone M Casadio , et al. Epilepsia
Manifold Learning by Mixture Models of VAEs for Inverse Problems 2023 GS Alberti J Hertrich M Santacesaria S Sciutto ArXiv Preprint
Fast kernel methods for Data Quality Monitoring as a goodness-of-fit test 2023 G Grosso N Lai M Letizia J Pazzini M Rando L Rosasco A Wulzer M Zanetti ArXiv Preprint
Universal diagonal estimates for minimizers of the Levy-Lieb functional 2023 S. Di Marino A. Gerolin L. Nenna ArXiv Preprint
Differences in spore size and atmospheric survival shape stark contrasts in the dispersal dynamics of two closely related fungal pathogens 2023 J Golan D Lagomarsino Oneto S Ding R Kessenich M Sandler T A. Rush D Levitis A Gevens A Seminara A Pringle BioRxiv
Compressed sensing for inverse problems and the sample complexity of the sparse Radon transform 2023 GS Alberti A Felisi M Santacesaria SI Trapasso ArXiv Preprint
Kinematic primitives in action similarity judgments: A human-centered computational model 2023 V Nair P Hemeren A Vignolo N Noceti E Nicora A Sciutti F Rea E Billing M Bhatt F Odone G Sandini IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems
Uncertainty-aware Gaze Tracking for Assisted Living Environments 2023 P Her L Manderle P A Dias H Medeiros F Odone IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Physics informed machine learning for wind speed prediction 2023 D Lagomarsino-Oneto G Meanti N Pagliana A Verri A Mazzino L Rosasco A Seminara Energy, Volume 268, 2023, 126628