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Most recent publications

Title Year Author Venue
Introducing Temporal Correlation in Rainfall and Wind Prediction From Underwater Noise 2023 A Trucco A Barla R Bozzano S Pensieri A Verri David Solarna IEEE JOURNAL OF OCEANIC ENGINEERING
Be greedy and learn: efficient and certified algorithms for parametrized optimal control problems 2023 H Kleikamp M Lazar C Molinari ArXiv Preprint
An efficient deep learning approach to identify dynamics in in vitro neural networks 2023 VP Pastore G Parodi M Brofiga P Massobrio M Chiappalone F Odone S Martinoia Arinex, EMBC
The five gradients inequality on differentiable manifolds 2023 S Di Marino S Murro E Radici ArXiv Preprint
Efficient unsupervised learning of biological images with compressed deep features 2023 VP Pastore M Ciranni S Bianco JC Fung V Murino F Odone Image and Vision Computing, Volume 137
Variance reduction techniques for stochastic proximal point algorithms 2023 C Traoré V Apidopoulos S Salzo S Villa ArXiv Preprint
An Automatic Tool Performing Functional Analysis in MR Urography in Children 2023 E Vincenzi A Fantazzini M Gulino S Manini A Verri F Odone L Basso M B Damasio C Basso 2023 IEEE 36th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), L'Aquila, Italy, 2023, pp. 845-851
In-domain versus out-of-domain transfer learning in plankton image classification 2023 A Maracani VP Pastore L Natale L Rosasco F Odone Scientific Reports, 2023
Estimating Koopman operators with sketching to provably learn large scale dynamical systems 2023 G Meanti A Chatalic V Kostic P Novelli M Pontil L Rosasco ArXiv Preprint
A Grasp Pose is All You Need: Learning Multi-fingered Grasping with Deep Reinforcement Learning from Vision and Touch 2023 F Ceola E Maiettini L Rosasco L Natale ArXiv Preprint