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Most recent MLV grants

Title Principal Investigator Funding Start End Amount
Undroid (Underwater Droid) Francesca Odone - Principal Investigator POR FESR Liguria (BK) 2021 2023 70k
Cognitively-inspired architectures for human motion understanding Nicoletta Noceti - Principal Investigator AFOSR - Air Force Office of Scientific Research 2020 2023 163k
More Than This Francesca Odone - Principal Investigator POR FESR Liguria (Aitek Knowledge) 2021 2023 36k
SMARTSTOP Francesca Odone - Principal Investigator POR FESR Liguria (Aitek) 2021 2023 40k
Digital Sustainable Harbour 2030 - DSH2030 Francesca Odone, Vito Pastore - co-Principal Investigator POR FESR Liguria (Aitrust, Porto Antico, ETT, Colouree, Natalia, BF partners, Circle Garage) 2021 2023 70k


Most recent MLV publications

Title Year Author Venue
Fine-tuning or top-tuning? Transfer learning with pretrained features and fast kernel methods 2022 PD Alfano VP Pastore L Rosasco F Odone ArXiv Preprint
A Deep Learning Approach to Correlate Cellular Morphology and Genetics 2022 VP Pastore S Bianco W Marshall US Patent App. 17/175,495, 2022
Robots with Different Embodiments Can Express and Influence Carefulness in Object Manipulation 2022 L Lastrico L Garello F Rea N Noceti F Mastrogiovanni A Sciutti A Carfì ArXiv Preprint
Time-to-Label: Temporal Consistency for Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Object Detection 2022 Mouawad I Brasch N Manhardt F Tombari F Odone F ArXiv Preprint
FasterVideo: Efficient Online Joint Object Detection And Tracking 2022 Mouawad I Odone F ArXiv Preprint