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Our group blends physics, machine learning and biological behavior to ask how organisms acquire and process complex sensory information from their fluid environment to guide behavior. We deploy state-of-the-art simulations and asymptotic models to portray the fluid flows surrounding living organisms. These data feed machine learning algorithms that model behaviors ranging from sensory predictions and navigation to spore dispersal to the formation of complex bacterial colonies. We are interested in model organisms like mice and bacteria as well as less studied organisms like higher fungi, octopus and jellyfish and real weirdos, like piranhas and sea robins (a fish with legs!)


  • Alessandro

  • Agnese

  • Giovanni

  • Francesco

  • Martin

  • Yujia

  • Francesco

  • Luca

  • Anna

Past People

  • Arnaud Ruymaekers | 2023 → 2024 | Research Scholar | Reinforcement Learning

  • Arnaud Ruymaekers | 2023 | Student | Reinforcement Learning

  • Daniele Lagomarsino Oneto | 2023 | Post-doctoral fellow

  • Francesco Marcolli | 2022 → 2023 | Research Scholar | Multiagent RL

  • Nicola Rigolli | 2022 → 2023 | Post-doctoral fellow

  • Gianvito Losapio | 2022 | Research Scholar

  • Andrea Guarnore | 2022 | Student

  • Matteo Ferrari | 2022 | Student

    Research projects

    Most recent PiMLB research projects


    Most recent PiMLB publications

    Reconstitution of ORP-mediated lipid exchange coupled to PI4P metabolism2024Fuggetta Nicolas; Rigolli Nicola; Magdeleine Maud; Hamaï Amazigh; Seminara Agnese; Guillaume Drin AndPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Alessandro De Gloria, a Pioneer in Electronic Engineering Applications2024Bellotti F.; Bricco E.; Bruzzone A.; Caviglia D.; Di Zitti E.; Gastaldo P.; Grosso D.; Magnani L.; Olivieri M.; Raggio M.; Valle M.; Verri , et al.International Conference on Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society, APPLEPIES 2023
    Physics informed machine learning for wind speed prediction2023Lagomarsino-Oneto Daniele; Meanti Giacomo; Pagliana Nicolò; Verri Alessandro; Mazzino Andrea; Rosasco Lorenzo; Seminara AgneseENERGY
    Molecular tuning of sea anemone stinging2023S He Lily; Qi Yujia; AH Allard Corey; A Valencia-Montoya Wendy; P Krueger Stephanie; Weir Keiko; Seminara Agnese; W Bellono NicholasELIFE
    An Automatic Tool Performing Functional Analysis in MR Urography in Children2023Vincenzi Elena; Fantazzini Alice; Gulino Martina; Manini Simone; Verri Alessandro; Odone Francesca; Basso Luca; Damasio MARIA BEATRICE; Basso Curzio2023 IEEE 36TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER-BASED MEDICAL SYSTEMS, CBMS 2023 IEEE 36TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER-BASED MEDICAL SYSTEMS, CBMS