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Most recent PiMLB grants

Title Principal Investigator Funding Start End Amount
Physics informed algorithms for sensing and navigating turbulent environments Agnese Seminara - Principal Investigator EU | ERC CoG 2021 2025 1.97 M
Navigation with complex odor dynamics: computational principles and neural circuit implementation in mice Agnese Seminara - co-Principal Investigator NIH | RO1 2021 2025 322k
Machine learning approaches to navigate turbulence Agnese Seminara - Collaborator AFOSR - Air Force Office of Scientific Research 2020 2023 160k
Dynamics of cell polarity establishment Agnese Seminara - co-Principal Investigator ANR 2019 2023 132k
Liguria 4P Health: Predictive, Personalised, Preventive, Participatory healthcare Alessandro Verri - Principal Investigator POR-FESR Regione Liguria 2018 2020 160k


Most recent PiMLB publications

Title Year Author Venue
Reconstitution of ORP-mediated lipid exchange coupled to PI4P metabolism 2024 N Fuggetta N Rigolli M Magdeleine A Hamaï A Seminara G Drin Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2024 Mar 5
Differences in spore size and atmospheric survival shape stark contrasts in the dispersal dynamics of two closely related fungal pathogens 2023 J Golan D Lagomarsino Oneto S Ding R Kessenich M Sandler T A. Rush D Levitis A Gevens A Seminara A Pringle Fungal Ecology 66:101298
Physics informed machine learning for wind speed prediction 2023 D Lagomarsino-Oneto G Meanti N Pagliana A Verri A Mazzino L Rosasco A Seminara Energy, Volume 268, 2023, 126628
Molecular tuning of sea anemone stinging behavior 2023 LHe Y Qi CAH Allard WA Valencia-Montoya SP Krueger K Weir A Seminara NW Bellono eLife, 12:RP88900
Reproducibility in Activity Recognition Based on Wearable Devices: a Focus on Used Datasets 2022 A Fasciglione M Leotta A Verri 2022 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 2022, pp. 3178-3185