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Most recent PiMLB grants

Title Principal Investigator Funding Start End Amount
Physics informed algorithms for sensing and navigating turbulent environments Agnese Seminara - Principal Investigator EU | ERC CoG 2021 2025 1.97 M
Navigation with complex odor dynamics: computational principles and neural circuit implementation in mice Agnese Seminara - co-Principal Investigator NIH | RO1 2021 2025 322k
Machine learning approaches to navigate turbulence Agnese Seminara - Collaborator AFOSR - Air Force Office of Scientific Research 2020 2023 160k
Dynamics of cell polarity establishment Agnese Seminara - co-Principal Investigator ANR 2019 2023 132k
Liguria 4P Health: Predictive, Personalised, Preventive, Participatory healthcare Alessandro Verri - Principal Investigator POR-FESR Regione Liguria 2018 2020 160k


Most recent PiMLB publications

Title Year Author Venue
Differences in spore size and atmospheric survival shape stark contrasts in the dispersal dynamics of two closely related fungal pathogens 2023 J Golan D Lagomarsino Oneto S Ding R Kessenich M Sandler T A. Rush D Levitis A Gevens A Seminara A Pringle Fungal Ecology 66:101298
Physics informed machine learning for wind speed prediction 2023 D Lagomarsino-Oneto G Meanti N Pagliana A Verri A Mazzino L Rosasco A Seminara Energy, Volume 268, 2023, 126628
Reproducibility in Activity Recognition Based on Wearable Devices: a Focus on Used Datasets 2022 A Fasciglione M Leotta A Verri 2022 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 2022, pp. 3178-3185
Physics Informed Shallow Machine Learning for Wind Speed Prediction 2022 D Lagomarsino-Oneto G Meanti N Pagliana Verri A A Mazzino Rosasco L Seminara A ArXiv Preprint
Learning to predict target location with turbulent odor plumes 2021 N Rigolli N Magnoli Rosasco L Seminara A eLife