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Optimal transport and gradient flows



Optimal transport and gradient flows


Giuseppe Savarè - University of Pavia


Monge Optimal Transport problems (1781) have been formulated as a distinguished example of Linear Programming by Kantorovich: his contributions “to the theory of optimum allocation of resources” was awarded the Nobel prize for economics in 1975. More recently, after the pioneering papers by Brenier and by Ambrosio, Evans, McCann, Otto, Villani, Optimal Transport theory attracted a lot of attention and has been developed in many directions, with beatiful applications to probability, statistics, kinetic models, measure theory, functional analysis, partial differential equations, Riemannian geometry. After a brief introduction to the main aspects of the theory, the talk aims to discuss its dynamical formulation and its connection with evolution problems and gradient flows.


Giuseppe Savaré is professor of Mathematical Analysis at Pavia University since 2000. His current research interests involve Optimal Entropy-Transport problems and variational methods for gradient flows and rate-independent evolutions.


2019-03-20 at 3:00 pm (subject to variability)